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Shield Safety Group is a leading provider of Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health & Safety Software as a Service (SaaS), supported by consultancy services delivered by the UK’s largest team of Environmental Health Practitioners. Based in Manchester’s unique Northern Quarter, Shield Safety believes in making safety simple for every business in the UK.

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Six reasons why should you train your employees

Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain 

Reduced lost time or money due to employee error  

Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees 

Inadequate training may lead to lost customers 

Reduced employee turnover 

Increased employee motivation 

“Information was clear and delivered with well with fun. The tutor presented with a few stories added that made it easier to remember what I had to do in an emergency. A great course – very informative and entertaining. ”

Upskill and train your employees with our expertly created eLearning bundle 

Training your managers and employees is not only a legal requirement - it reduces the likelihood of food complaints, accidents and ill health. It also develops and increases retention of your team. 

Access eight training courses for only £96, saving you a massive 40%

Upskill and train your staff with our expertly created eLearning bundle

Level 1 Health & Safety

Designed to make new employees aware of the key health & safety issues and the part that they play in keeping themselves and others free from harm in the workplace.  

Fire Awareness

This course assists persons appointed as fire marshals to gain a thorough understanding of their role and duties, including current fire safety legislation.  

Level 2 Health & Safety

An ideal introduction to health and safety for anyone working in a low or medium risk environment. Designed to ensure that all employees are aware of their own safety and the safety of customers, contractors and the public. 

Manual Handling

Manual Handling defines what manual handling operations are and the human and financial consequences of poor manual handling.  

Level 1 Food Safety

Developed to be an introduction to food hygiene basics and raise awareness of key food safety issues, making it ideal for new, Category A, Front of House and Back of House employees.

Level 2 Food Safety

Developed to address the fact that everyone who works with food has a special responsibility for safeguarding the health of consumers and ensuring the food they serve or sell is perfectly safe to eat.   

Allergen Awareness

This course introduces learners to the rules & legislation around food labelling & catering in relation to food allergies and allergenic ingredients.

Emergency First Aid at Work

Upskill users who are the workplace’s nominated person for First Aid. Reduce assessment times when an accident has occurred to allow treatment to be given at the earliest possible timeframe. 

What eLearning courses are in the bundle?

Access eight training courses for only £96, saving you a massive 40%


Training your managers and staff is not only a legal requirement - it reduces the likelihood of food complaints, accidents and ill health. It also develops and increases retention of your team.

We Have Other Innovative eLearning Courses Available


Eliminate the paperwork associated with your audit activity by securely uploading all your data to our platform


The Award for Underage Sales Prevention (AUASP) focuses on preventing unlawful sales in age-restricted products. 

Step-by-step case management, ensuring you complete a thorough investigation that is clearly documented  


If your colleagues aren’t trained up, they can’t work to their full potential. Manage their training records here 


ALPS is aimed at bar and counter staff working in licensed premises, providing an understanding of the responsibility to sell alcohol lawfully & responsibly. 

Age Verification

Age Verification is a mandatory policy that applies in relation to the sale or supply of alcohol. 

Bar Excellence

In association with Cask Marque, this course covers legal policies, best practice in customer service, perfect serve of all drinks categories and maintenance of bar equipment.  

Bribery Act Awareness

Bribery Act Awareness helps users to understand what bribery and corruption are and how it can occur in a business. 

Cellar Management

In association with Cask Marque, this course provides users with knowledge of what beer is and how it should be stored; focusing mainly on cask ale and keg beers. 

Coffee Skills

Coffee Skills is designed to give employees an understanding of coffee including bean varieties, storage conditions and coffee-making equipment. 

Conflict Management

This course defines what conflict is, what the causes of conflict at work and socially. the stages in conflict, how to stop conflict escalating and seeing conflict from various points of view. 


This course helps to identify substances that are harmful to health & how to apply the appropriate controls needed to prevent or reduce employees’ exposure to hazardous substances. 

Customer Service

This course details the benefits of and how to deliver excellent customer service. how to handle complaints with care, and manage customer satisfaction levels. 

Disability Awareness

This course covers the general principles of disability awareness in the workplace, including the legal background & requirements for disabled customers and employees 

Drugs Awareness

Attendees will learn drugs classification & legislation, how to assess the risks & apply a control strategy, how to spot & stop drug use/drug dealing and drug-related medical emergencies.

Equality and Diversity

Defines and explore the meaning of equality and diversity by helping users to understand prejudice, legislation and guidelines relevant to the Equality Act and Human Rights Act.

Interview Skills

This course helps those trying to fill job vacancies with the right people including behavioural & competency-based interview techniques. 


HACCP is a precautionary food safety management system that is designed to control hazards at points that are critical to food safety. 

Food Safety in Catering

This course is developed for those working with food to ensure all food produced is safe to eat including the basic principles of food safety.

Money Laundering Awareness

Money Laundering Awareness shows users what the everyday responsibilities under the money laundering regulations are and the measures that can be taken to protect businesses. 


Similar to the Award for Licensed Premises Staff course, SALPS is aimed at the Scottish market, covering the Licensing Scotland Act 2005. 

Essential Guide to Social Media

Developed in association with Carlsberg, to help the On-Trade make more of the opportunities offered by social media. 

Stock Management

Made in conjunction with Venners, this course provides the skills and knowledge needed to improve the stock control, margins and profits of hospitality retail outlets.

Staff Appraisals Skills

This course helps users to understand what an appraisal is,, how to design an appraisal system and how to conduct an appraisal that will engage & motivate employees to improve job performance. 

We Have Other Innovative eLearning Courses Available

Shield Safety Group can offer a varied portfolio of eLearning courses across Food Safety, Fire Safety, Health & Safety, soft skills and more.